Deposit and final payments :

  • The rates are applicable to every passengers
  • A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking. 60-days prior to departure the full amount (remaining 75%) is due.
  • If the booking is cancelled prior to the 60-day departure time, the deposit is not refundable, is retained for administrative procedures
  • If the booking is cancelled within the first 30 days, of the 60-days prior to travel, the 50% of the full payment is retrievable – 50% is retained for administrative , and the balance retrievable.
  • If the booking is cancelled within the last 30 days, of the 60-days prior to travel, the deposit and the balance is retained or is not refundable

An archipelago of countless coral reefs that shepherd waves out of the deep Indian Ocean and funnel them, hit across perfect surf spots from Bali to Sumatra. The Ono Niha plies between the surf locations off the West Coast of Sumatra for organised surf charters to find the best and most uncrowded waves. Experience your hosts Timmy and Jose, will take you to the best of the surf spots, on aboard the Ono Niha is where you will find the surf of your dreams, ensuring you have the trip of a lifetime.

How do we pay for the charter?

Payments are made via a bank transfer into our account which we will give to you and the invoice once the dates have been established.

Is there a Surf Tax in Tellos & Banyaks?

Unlike Mentawais, have to pay surf tax for the government, But in a village and one of the residents brought a proposal to ask for funds for the construction of a Community Church or a school for disadvantaged children.

Chances are that you don’t mind if you help and donate gladly in return you have been surfing in the area for the community at least

Travel Insurance - Please make sure every surfer has the best cover on your trip.

You must have full travel and accident insurance for your own protection. Owners, operators, agents and Ono Niha employees are not responsible for taking insurance for their passengers.

Ono Niha, is not responsible for personal injury of any kind, property damage or theft (traveling to or on board), delays due to weather, mechanical problems, strikes, airline arrival and departure times, or other events that cannot be controlled . In addition, Ono Niha does not accept responsibility for arrivals who do not arrive or delay the surfboard or baggage.

Consumption of prohibited substances on the Ono Niha board is not permitted or tolerated.

If there are passengers on board that endanger the safety and safety of ships, passengers and crew at any time, then it is ready to be processed by law in accordance with maritime law in Indonesia.

No Drugs

Consumption of drugs substances prohibited on the Ono Niha board is not permitted or tolerated Please note, drugs are not tolerated in Indonesia, those caught could face the death penalty. Police are actively searching surf charter boats for drugs and if found will confiscate your and Ono Niha.

We therefore  Drugs of any kind are NOT tolerated on the Ono Niha. If you are found with drugs on board, no matter where we are you will be escorted off the boat.