You will need to fly into Kualanamu Airport, Medan – North Sumatra, Indonesia.
The below are suggestions.
A trusted travel agent will be able to help you further.
You should organise a flight from your Country of Origin to one of these major cities in South east Asia.
Then use a domestic flight from Medan onward to Nias island.

You can use the following routes:

  1. Singapore – Medan / Kuala namu – Nias Gunung sitoli.
  2. Kuala Lumpur – Medan / Kuala namu – Nias Gunung sitoli.
  3. Denpasar (Bali) – Jakarta – Medan Kuala namu – Nias Gunung sitoli.
  4. Jakarta – Nias Gunung sitoli / Garuda airline.
  5. Padang – Nias Gunung sitoli.

Please try and co-ordinate your group to arrive at the same time.
Once you arrive into Nias – Gunungsitoli airport, we will be there to meet and greet you at the airport.
After you leave the plane, you will be directed to ‘baggage claim’.
You will be welcomed by Ono Niha staff members and escorted to an air-conditioned transportation vehicle.You will be taken into the KeyHole Surf camp and spend the night (if you are arrive 1 day earlier).
What happens if my luggage or boards don’t make the flight?
Go directly to your flight counter and tell them.
Save a copy of your lost baggage documentation. Let the driver know so he can contact us.
We will try and track the board, if that happens the possibility of the aircraft exceeds the load and can usually be sent to the next flight, without your boards or luggage will not be too traumatic and you will get it back