What happens when I get to the boat?

You are handed a cold beer, told to take your shoes off, and check the boat out. You are also given a rundown on the ‘Boat Rules’ and we discuss our overall plan for the trip

What will the crowds be like?

If we are doing our job, there will be no crowds. However, most of the name spots have local kids, camps, or other boats on them during peak season. We try and keep the vibe friendly and can sometimes bargain 2 hour sessions with other operators

Where do we surf first?

It is a majority decision, but the Timmy or Captain has final say with regards to making them the right persons to supervise the navigation and safety on board and wellbeing of the vessel, crew, and passengers. We have a group discussion on the first surf factoring in weather conditions, swell size, location of other boats, goofy footers and natural footers.

Suggestion What to Bring

  • Boards of varying sizes – fun board, mid-size, and one for the BIG days
  • Removable fin sets, 2 fin keys in case you drop one in the water
  • 3-4 extra leashes – at least one for big waves
  • Tropical formula wax
  • Surf hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Reef booties
  • Ding repair kit
  • Rash vests
  • Smart travel adapter
  • Books or magazines
  • Extra cash for crew tips and souvenirs.

Besides 'What to bring' is there anything else I will need like money?

Obviously this is up to you, you may want to buy gifts for family back home, or you might want to buy some trinket for yourself. If you have had a good time, you might want to tip the crew. We advise that you do bring money. You can buy cheap souvenirs from the local villagers who paddle out in canoes. In Tellos and Nias there are also t-shirts, statue and shells  (this also supports the locals). Nias has its own unique culture, but definitely not Bali when it comes to the shopping Apartment. Also, it is always smart to travel with copies of your documents such as passport and travel insurance papers (to be kept in a different location to the original in case you lose them)

What should be done if someone is injured? What about emergencies?

We have the full FIRST AID Kit on the board, if you forget or need something. The captain has completed the current First Aid course and is experienced in many problems that may arise. Over the years we have had a lot of experience with this type of injury, coral injury, or surfboard injury.

There are times when Captain or Timmy will be able to sew you and we have done this before. we got lessons to sew from the doctor’s trip The Surfers Medical Association. In general, we are not trained medical personnel. If the situation demands an immediate evacuation, this will be coordinated with your insurance company. Depending on the response time, you can be taken to the nearest port on Nias Island and staff member Ono Niha will meet you there and enter a good hospital in Nias.

Again, take travel insurance.

Dehydration is another regular health hazard we have encountered aboard. We are very close to the equator and it is very hot here. Passengers get excited; surf as much as they can, drink too many cold cokes or beers and NOT ENOUGH water. Next thing they have headaches, nausea, listlessness. We cannot stress enough to drink plenty of water. Perhaps bring some form of hydrolyte in case you or one of your mates comes down with dehydration.

Is there a Surf Tax in Tellos & Banyaks?

Unlike Mentawais, have to pay surf tax for the government. But in a village and one of the residents brought a proposal to ask for funds for the construction of a Community Church or a school for disadvantaged children. Chances are that you don’t mind if you help and donate gladly in return you have been surfing in the area for the community at least

Considering, I am in a foreign country, is there anything I need to know?

Indonesia is a densely populated Muslim country. As usual when traveling abroad, it must be remembered that you are in a foreign country and that country may have a different lifestyle, or religious and cultural preferences, and you must try and respect the country where you are now. People are generally friendly and welcoming tourists. Parents frown on surfers who walk without peaks due to heat. So you are visit a villages and make sure keep your clothes on, and girls don’t dress too little (knee and shoulder cover). Respecting local customs and cultures far away in a foreign country.

My family is concerned about my safety, about all things like, bombs, terrorist, and tsunamis?

We cannot guarantee there will not be another tsunami, earthquake, or terrorist attack.  The Nias Islands and Banyak’s are very isolated and are a mixed Christian/Islam religion. They want tourism and are very friendly towards tourists. We feel very safe in our area. We suggest you check the travel warnings with your local government before departure. You can also contact us if you are unsure. We will advise if we do not think the current situation is safe for travel to the area.

Medical suggestions

We have a comprehensive medical kit on board. We recommend bringing a smaller, personal first aid kit containing the following:

  • Bandages/band aids
  • Anti-biotic ointment & Tieh Ta Yao Gin – Chinese Betadine
  • Anti-rash powder/cream
  • Betadine
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Anti-nausea tablets
  • Pain relief (asprin or Panadol)
  • Muscle relaxant (nurofen or Ibuprofun)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Cold/Flu tablets.
  • Seasick tablet

No Drugs

Consumption of drugs substances prohibited on the Ono Niha board is not permitted or tolerated Please note, drugs are not tolerated in Indonesia, those caught could face the death penalty. Police are actively searching surf charter boats for drugs and if found will confiscate your and Ono Niha.

We therefore  Drugs of any kind are NOT tolerated on the Ono Niha. If you are found with drugs on board, no matter where we are you will be escorted off the boat.