Banyak's / Treasure Islands

Indonesia, its with blessing and regular consistent waves, is the most popular surfing destination in the world.
The Banyaks islands is located a hundred miles next to the west coast of Sumatra, in South Aceh region, North Sumatra, Indonesia.
Banyaks, Asu-Hinako and Tellos is The new Mentawais
Banyanks or Treasure island and lies up the next island above Nias.
This was achieved by boat only, overnight sailing from the hometown of Southern of Nias Lagundry bay, the place of origin of the Ono Niha surf charter.
Banyak Island is indeed a wave paradise. Its location overlooking the Indian Ocean gives it strong waves generated by low pressure systems throughout the Indian Ocean.
Offering a variety of waves that have nothing to envy with its famous Mentawai islands, Banyak offers a world-class addition but less crowded. Only a handful and only few of boats now operate in this heavenly and pure area.

How long does it take to get to the Banyaks island From Nias?

Banyaks / Treasure island and through  Asu – Hinako islands the first our stop for surfing day and take 5 hours sailing from Lagundry bay to Asu, and the next surfing to Afulu the north of Nias and then into Banyaks island the next day (8 hours boat ride and night travel)

Banyak Island